A Guide to Flower for New Smokers in DC

Jun 25, 202107:30 |  Updated about 2 years ago
Flower is one of the most versatile options when it comes to smoking. Today we’ll be looking at all the way you can enjoy the flower offered by the weed delivery services on our site.

Thanks to Initiative 71, it is now easier than ever to enjoy cannabis products in DC. No medical card is required, which has opened up a world of new possibilities for anyone living in or visiting DC. Today we'll be taking a look at the basics of weed in the district, how to find weed delivery services in DC, and how cannabis can be enjoyed for anyone interested in giving it a try.

Before Initiative 71, weed was only available to medical patients in DC. Now that this initiative has passed, adults can now possess, grow, and share weed. This has created a few challenges when it comes to actually selling marijuana products in DC, but luckily the process is legal and simple.

While weed can not be directly sold, Initiative 71 lets people share weed or gift weed openly. Gifting services are businesses that offer products and also offer free cannabis products along with a purchase as a free gift. Many of these gifting businesses also offer weed delivery services in DC. All you have to do is contact the business, place your order, and select the gift you would like to have included with your order. Then the product you ordered and the gift will be delivered to you.

You can find businesses that offer weed delivery services in DC by using our Treehub app. We make it easy to explore the different options in your area and see what types of products are available from each, so you can get all of the information you need to place an order. But if you're new to using marijuana products, you might need a little help knowing where to start. Luckily we have the basics covered for you.


When you think of weed, you're thinking of "flower". The flowers or buds of cannabis plants produce high concentrations of compounds known as cannabinoids, which produce weed's signature effects. In its raw form these buds are not actually intoxicating, but that changes when heat is added. This is why flower is usually smoked or used in a dry herb vaporizer.


Flower is the most versatile option when it comes to weed and there are a lot of options to choose from. When it comes to choosing a variety of flower, there are a few things to consider. Many weed services in Washington DC will carry a variety of different strains, including some classic options and exotic blooms.

The simplest way to make an informed decision is to see if the strain has the percentages of indica and sativa genes listed. Indica and sativa are the two varieties of cannabis from which modern weed varieties have been cultivated. Pure sativa strains are known to provide a more energetic and creative experience, while pure indica strains tend to be more relaxing. The percentage of each found in a particular strain will influence its effects. If you are new to weed, trying both indica and sativa heavy varieties will help you understand what provides the best experience for you.

Enjoying Your Flower

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to smoke, then most weed delivery services in DC will have free prerolls as one of their gift options. Pre rolled joints are an easy and effective way to smoke because they are ready to go and rolled to be even burning and easy to smoke. Glass pipes and bongs are also an extremely popular way to smoke. There are plenty of smoke shops in the DC area that offer these products and more store employees will be willing to walk new customers through different types of pipes to help you make an informed decision.

Flower can also be enjoyed using a dry herb vaporizer. These devices heat the ground flower to a point where the THC becomes active and vaporizes, but the plant material does not burn. They provide a different experience compared to smoking, but are an extremely efficient option that many users enjoy because it does not produce as strong of an odor and can be easier on the throat.

Finding Flower in DC

As the most basic form of weed, flower is one of the most popular options for new smokers. If you are ready to try weed or you are just interested in trying some new strains, then it is important to find the highest quality products from reliable weed delivery services in Washington DC. Using our Treehub app, it is easy to find weed delivery services in DC and see what flower options they have to offer. Once you know where you want to place your order, you can use our website to find the information you will need to contact a great marijuana delivery service near you and try some great strains of flower.


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